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Phones with Bad Credit

Have you been struggling to secure a mobile phone recently? Worry no more—because Loanbubble is here to help you get bad credit  contract phone in Australia despite your low credit rating or bad credit history by offering you a bad credit personal loan instead

Bad Credit Contract Phones in Australia

Designed for people struggling with bad credit history or low credit rating, Loanbubble is here to help customers to get them the latest devices available on the market with no credit check. Get your new smartphone with us whether if it’s for your new work or simply to upgrade the gadget you’ve been using for a while to have better specs on your next mobile gaming experience.

We are committed to provide our customers with a fair chance to get contract phones, which is why we try to understand that there are circumstances in your life that could have affected your bad credit history in the past or your current poor credit rating. If you’ve experienced rejection and struggled getting yourself a device you need, we can offer you phone contracts in Australia and you’ll never have to worry on us carrying out credit checks or wait long to get decisions.

Affordability and flexibility are what Loanbubble’s phone contracts can offer you. Repayment loan terms can range between 12, 24, or 36 months, depending on the year and model of the phone you choose to apply for.

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Bad Credit Contract Phones

Why get a contract phone despite your bad credit?

It’s common for people with bad credit history and poor credit rating to struggle with being approved for a mobile phone contract in Australia. Loanbubble offers you with bad credit loans that requires no guarantor and need not to be a homeowner before you get approved.

Although we do accept contract phone application from people with bad credit history and low credit rating, we still encourage customers to learn more about credit rating and the factors that may affect your credit score to worsen. Here’s a guide that we’ve compiled for you to help you improve your credit rating and get you a chance to get larger personal loans in the future.

No Credit Check Mobile Phones

Perhaps one of the most dreaded moments for people with bad credit looking to sign up for a contract phone is a credit check. Retailers are likely to reject your application the moment they see the state of your credit records. This is especially true if you have a rather expensive phone in mind. Since phone contracts are subsidised, providers need to make sure that you won’t have a hard time affording the monthly installments. To do so, they need to carry out necessary credit checks. This is also why it is not easy to find contract phones no credit check no deposit Australia setups. Still, this does not equate to the death sentence of a bad credit borrower’s dream of owning a phone. Mobile phone providers are known to cater to bad credit borrowers. However, you will likely not find the latest models in the industry on offer as the phone choices tend to be limited. 

Guide to Credit Scores and How to Improve Credit Rating

Checking your Credit Score

Most websites of credit agencies allow you to check your credit rating for free, like ClearScore, while some others do charge you a fee for this type of service. You should expect that your credit score report be updated monthly and we highly recommend that you make it a habit to check your credit rating regularly to gradually improve your financial skills.

There are three main credit reference agencies in Australia. Keep in mind that each agency can offer you a different credit score, and that means you can get accepted by a mobile network that considers the credit rating of one agency and rejected by another.

What are Bad Credit Scores?

Simply put, having bad credit score would prevent most people to get approved for most types of loans and find mobile networks unwilling to approve and send you the smartphone you need. Although all credit agencies employ different systems on calculating credit scores, majority of credit agencies in Australia use similar categories as a reference to calculate credit scores

Tips to Improve your Credit Rating

Your poor credit rating could still be improved by learning new strategies to improve your credit scores. First, you have to be sure that you’re on the electoral register. It’s also important to take tabs on your credit rating report and to ensure that your name is in all the bills. Checking your credit rating report would give you the assurance that there are no mistakes that were recorded on your file, as any error that are not corrected immediately can greatly impact your overall credit rating.

Also note that if you’re married, your credit score can get dragged down if your partner also has a poor credit rating and tied over certain bills and repayment loans. Lastly, even though obvious, making it a priority that you begin paying off your debts, bills, and other repayments, should be a must. Reducing the balance on any of your outstanding credit will gradually help in improving your credit rating.

Get a Bad Credit Loan for a Phone in Australia Now with Loanbubble

Choose Loanbubble on your next application to get a contact phone in Australia with no credit check. Here are few reasons that should help you in choosing us for your phone contract application:

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