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Loans Without Bank Statements Australia

by | Dec 2, 2020 | Payday | 0 comments

Loans No Bank Statements Australia

Many reasons may come up as to why you would need extra funds. Could it be that a car repair came up? Medical emergency? Perhaps you would want a quick getaway from all the time spent at work? Or you need that new kitchen appliance or a few hundred to complete the funds for a new car? So many reasons to have that extra cash on hand.

 However, what if your bank account does not have enough? Isn’t that exactly the reason why you would want to get that emergency cash loan? But if the bank requires a bank statement, that empty bank account is something you would not want to show off because in your head you will have this question, will I even get approved for this?

Yes, it is possible to have your loan application without presenting your bank statements. Although this works best on particular loans or debt and may also be presented with higher interest fees, however, you have your options. Checks on the details of this below


Loans Without Bank Statements Online Application

Are you searching for loans minus bank statements in Australia? You are not the only one. You may not have a regular income and your bank account do not receive regular deposits or transactions, or your time, work or circumstances cannot allow you to head to the bank and print off your bank statements. Well, you need not worry as you can still apply for loans without bank statements in Australia.

When applying for a bad credit loan in these times there is no need to be bringing tons of documents to financial centres just to show proof and get your application for a loan approved. We are now in a digital age where everything is a click of a button or a tap on your screen. Applications are made online and no need for paper works. Easy isn’t it? There are more non-traditional lenders that are available all over Australia and far easier to apply to.

Private lenders are partly different from traditional financial institutions, like bureaucracy and the extra documentation, they have the funds available. When you provide to them the type of loan you would like to apply for they are most likely able to offer and  cater it however you also need to be mindful of higher interest rates than traditional ones.

Loans without Bank Statements

Types Of Loans without the need for Bank Statements in Australia

Loans without bank statements in Australia comes with restrictions. An example would be, you cannot apply for a mortgage. However, there are other loans programs that can be considered, to which you can use at times of financial difficulties, or help fund your vacation. There are some of your choices:

Payday loans

Payday loans are the type of loans that cover you from paycheck to paycheck, and are pretty much small loans. They will require you to provide your payslip. However, lenders offering payday loan vary with their requirements and bank statements may not be necessary.

Car loans

If you’re looking at get that new car through a loan or part of it, it may not be necessary to provide the lender with your bank statement, they may even not ask of it. The car itself can be made collateral and that in a way completes your application.

Personal loans

These are loans for your personal use and the requirement of each lender upon taking out may vary depending on their program as some may go for getting higher interest rates.

There are so many options available to take out a loan with no bank statement. You can google or just ask us at LoanBubble and we’d be glad to assist you, even recommend a lender that would fit your needs.


How to Apply Easy and Fast Loans with no Bank Statements

It’s very easy and quick to get your application going with these types of lenders. The first thing you would need is to get in touch with these private lenders or we highly recommend LoanBubble whose finance options have a wide range. Most often the submitted application will go through these 3 steps:

  • Sign up on the application form or call to speak to a lender’s team member. You can ask your questions or discuss what programs or loan options is ideal to your need, they provide a good recommendation.
  • Provide documents required, the example you’re ID or an asset for collateral. These details will be provided by the lender.
  • The lender will get in touch with you the moment your application gets approved which normally runs for a few hours and if the application gets approved on the same day, the funds may also be available immediately.


Take out your Loan Today

If you like to go for a loan without bank statements Australia, you can definitely look into it as your option. No need to delay that new car no longer especially if your old one’s pretty beaten down or clear out any medical bills you might have incurred or what money situation needs to be fixed, LoanBubble’s services are here for you and assist you with your needs.

If traditional financial institutions would be a challenge to getting your loan approved as there are not many documents you can provide, let LoanBubble be your financial solution. No need to secure those statements- bank, get yourself a loan program that’s immediate and solves your need without as much securing extra documents such as bank statements and you may even have no need to declare that bank account at all.