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Are there Loans with No Credit Check 

If you’ve had approved loans before and that loan was not settled well, it will definitely go down on your credit history. Now, what if you would need to settle for a loan because there is an urgent need for it but you hesitate. Why? You remember that bad credit history which will most likely lead to a bad credit rating. When you cannot keep up with your payment schedules or utility bills, bad credit builds up. Do not let that get in the way of you having that needed loan. Go to LoanBubble and give your emergency cash loan application a go.

When you apply for a loan not sure if you could be granted that loan wouldn’t you want to know where you stand on your credit rating? It’s important that you know at least what your credit rating is that way you will have an idea on what your chances of loan approval is. You can check on your credit score for free through a credit reporting agency.

What Are No Credit Check Loans?

If you need a loan but do not want to undergo a credit check then apply through LoanBubble. LoanBubble is one of Australia’s leading online brokers offering loans that range from $300-$5000 with a payment schedule scheme that goes up to 6 months. The application is easy and can be directly done online. You send in your application and get approved, you can get cash straight into your bank account.

This is the type of personal loan wherein private financial institutions do not ask for a credit report which they get from the credit bureau.  As practiced, credit checks are being done by lenders to check on your credit history, this they get from the credit bureau. For loans that are no credit check, lenders no longer check on your credit history but will look at your current financial situation to see your paying capability or if you can pay for the next 6 months.

This loan would be kept on your credit file like all credit transactions do. The credit bureau would be made aware of your approved loan and as all credit transactions do, this will be a part of your credit history. In order to be approved for this kind of loan, your pay slip for the last 3 months is required. This will be used to review your expenses, income and if there is anything that can possibly prevent you from making on time repayments as based on your repayment schedule.

When presenting your pay slip, this will help the lender give you that approval as your pay slip will show any information that tells them you have a consistent income source. Any lenders need to be assured that the loan will be paid back so this will serve as your evidence of a consistent source of income.

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No Credit Check Loans

Is the Loan guaranteed?

There is no definite guarantee that this type of payday loan gets approved at all time. Not all lenders would provide you your request especially if you have no assurance of being able to pay them on time. However loans with no credit check is still possible without you having to have your credit report gathered as your current financial status is weighed for your loan approval. Loan Bubble can provide you with no credit check loans most especially when considering your current employment state.

If you have regular employment or any source of regular income, do not be discouraged even if your credit history report shows a bad credit rating. A lot of lenders have helped Australians secure a no credit check loan all because their current income statement can prove that despite their bad credit rating, they are very much capable of repaying their loan based on their last 3 months of income. This in itself is a reason not to be discouraged. 

If you are in need of a loan, visit Loan Bubble. We understand that loans like these are normally acquired due to an urgent need and this should not be a reason for you to fall prey to those who guarantee that any loan type is approved without any form of checking. There are so many scams out there and if they advertise direct loan approval, this is too good to be true and most likely is so it’s best to keep away from these scrupulous offers. 

Don’t get discouraged just because of your credit score. Reliable brokers like LoanBubble will base the approval of your loan amount on the bank statement that you present containing your current financial standing, including your employment status and income and not just your credit history. If you are in need of money immediately, click the apply button with LoanBubble.

Loans no credit check 

Bad credit borrowers cannot help but get stressed over credit checks because they know this will give potential lenders a not-so-good impression, despite the fact that they may have taken strides in keeping their finances in order at present. It takes a long time to rebuild one’s credit standing and this can unfairly reflect on potential borrowers which is why most would try to go for loans with no credit check. However, credit checks are essential as it gives lenders a better grasp of where things stand with you financially. Today, bad credit lenders are more than willing to overlook a borrower’s bad credit records knowing that their borrowing history does not paint a full picture of financial standing now. Instead, they will look into how much a borrower is earning and compare it with his regular spending habits to determine if there will still be enough funds left to afford a loan repayment.

Who Is Eligible for No Credit Check Loans?

Are you eligible to avail of a no credit check loan? This is definitely something you would like to know more of. Here’s a list below of what you need to qualify for a no credit check loan.

  • You have to be at least 18 years old or a legal adult.
  • Be an Australian or a permanent resident on the time of the loan application.
  • Weekly income should be at least at $400. LoanBubble would want to ensure that you can pay on time and that this current loan that you are applying for would not become a hurdle on your finances.
  • Your bank statement for the last 3 months and your current bank account.
  • For crediting of loan proceeds, you will also indicate what active bank account you would want the deposit to go to.
  • Show proof that your repayment is not going to be a problem and if you had bad credit rating, at present you are very capable of making payments.
  • If aside from a regular income from employment you also happen to have income from a side hustle or another job or doing work from home and earning from it, indicate that in your loan application so that the lender is away that you are capable of paying back and you get very high chances of approval.


Application process

The application process is very straightforward and simple as it is simply online. Yes, access it anywhere even at your own smartphone and you would see how accessible it is to submit an online application for your loan.

If you are applying for a loan that will not go over $5000 then there is not much documentation needed. What is needed then? In your application just establish your identity and your current financial standing by stating your income source through your bank statement and your approved loan application should be out in a few minutes after. If the agreement has been signed before business closing of that day, expect for your loan proceeds to appear in your account.

Your no credit check loan can be applied with whatever reason you might need it to be. If it’s for a utility bill, hospital bill, medication maintenance or whatever the reason, send in that application and have the funds ready and waiting for you in your bank account

What Information is needed to Apply for the Loan?

Basic personal information is always required in any application in order to tag that application to you. Other than that you would need to provide details of your bank account and download your bank statement from the last 3 months to show your source of income. Below is a list of those requirements so you can have them ready when you click apply on LoanBubble.

Details or purpose of the loan, however any reason can be stated that would need you to have that funding available.

  • 3 months of bank statement to show proof of income source.
  • Personal information such as name, birthdate, telephone number, address, etc
  • Prepare your current employment details, this is for the purpose of presenting what your source of income is for the loan repayment.
  • Personal bank account. The money will be transferred here once the loan is approved.
  • 100 points of ID is required for ID verification
  • For Centrelink information, My Gov details are needed.

How Long Does the Approval Process Take?

Processes nowadays have mostly become instantaneous, same with loan applications. If your details are ready as provided on the list above the hit the apply button and do as instructed. Provide the information as required. You do not need to hesitate because just like any information required platform, data privacy policy applies. After going through your application, the lender will advise you through a call or text that your approval has been granted and right after that, the funds get deposited to your account right away. 

You will also find details of how and when your repayment scheme would be including other details and the cost of your loan. What you would check to be sure is your repayments would be as detailed on your contract.

Cost of a No Credit Check Required Loan

LoanBubble is adherent to the industry’s rules for transparency and customer service. LoanBubble is transparent about costs and whatever fees or penalties you would incur for late payments. There is also no penalty/fees if you pay ahead or in advance if you ever would like to pay earlier than your scheduled repayment date.

LoanBubble’s repayment scheme can be as short as 4 weeks and can be stretched up to 6 months. This will depend on how much is your loan amount and the other factors considered in your loan application. There is a 20% establishment fee on the loan amount. The monthly will come to 4%.

Are There Any Charges for Repayment Defaults?

Your loan contract indicates an established repayment schedule, it’s important that this is observed. If in case you miss your schedule your lender will ask for a dishonour fee, this is stipulated in the agreement. If ever for some reason you could not meet your repayment deadline, get in touch with the lender and save the funds that could have been your fees. The team will do their best that you would not be in a more difficult situation as it is.

Bad Credit Loans

No Credit Check Loan Complete Process:

Below is the process on how to apply for a no credit check loan.

You start by signing out the application form and providing the required information. This is listed above. The information you provide is important as this will be part of your record and completeness is also important so that your application would proceed smoothly. 

Upon submitting your application and the team from LoanBubble receives it, the application will be processed. The details on it will be reviewed as well as bank statements or what document was required during the application. If the loan gets approved, you will be contacted via call or text and be given your loan agreement. You need to go through the loan agreement and see to it the details, payment schedule and fees and if this is ok with you, just sign it and return the signed contract back to the lender. Immediately you will be advised that the proceeds have been deposited to your bank account and all you have to do is withdraw.

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Whatever your financial need may be, in whatever situation that is, may it be simple or complicated, hurried or not. You can always rely on Loan Bubble for your no credit check cash loan. Send in your application today and have the funds available immediately. Let Loan Bubble give you that convenient loan experience and relieve you of that financial stress. Apply now.


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